Fees & Payment

Fees & Payment

How do fees and payments work?

My practice is private pay. This means you must make all payments at the time of your session. Private pay provides my clients the highest level of confidentiality with their personal health information. It also allows for you and I to have increased control over your treatment process because all treatment decisions are made between us, without input from an insurance company. Many clients who overcome their problems by participating in evidence-based treatment with out-of-network providers often believe these benefits are well worth their investment of time, money, and effort!

Of course, you may choose to file for out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company for our appointments. The insurance company may pay for services or a percentage of services. I will cooperate with the insurance company in this process by writing any clinical reports they require, but you will be responsible for finding out what is required and overseeing this process. You may choose to investigate a company called Better that proposes to handle the administrative hassle of filing for out-of-network benefits on your behalf; I am not endorsing them, only providing information about the service.

I am not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. This means clients with Medicare or Medicaid insurance would be expected to pay full payments at the time of sessions.

Fees for sessions:

Individual Intake = $200
Individual 45-Minute Session = $140

Couple Intake = $250
Couple 45-Minute Session = $165

All other charges will be pro-rated according to session length